Areas of application

From raw materials to textiles with very specific properties: Bethge AG’s extensive machine park enables textiles to be refined from different raw materials in a wide range of applications.

We are happy to answer to special requests from customers about the many areas of application

Home textiles

The finishing process like burning, mercerization, dyeing and finishing gives the fabric greater elegance and shine, exactly according to the customer’s wishes.


We specially tailor your cotton into a functional fabric.The hydrophobic impregnation provides a dense all-weather fabric with natural properties and maximum comfort.Rainproof, windproof and yet breathable are properties that can only be achieved with natural materials and excellent finishing.


Coatings give textiles completely new properties. Should your fabric be UV, weather or heat resistant? With the right coating, your fabrics get new properties on their surface.

    Veredlung von Webware bis 340cm Rohbreite


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