Some peculiarities about our machines

In our company we have high-quality machines for finishing your fabrics, one of them is the raising maschine, in fact this machine gives the fabric many new properties. Roughing is a mechanical textile finishing process, which is performed by the raising machine. The machine consists of a large rotating cylinder on which 36 raising rollers [...]

Open apprenticeship 2022

Do you have a passion or interest in the textile sector and would like to specialize in this profession? Would you like to start a new challenge with us? An apprenticeship position as a textile technologist is available for for the coming year 2022! We are looking forward to expanding your textile knowledge in our [...]

Sports day at Bethge AG


      Yesterday, Thursday 7 October 2021, our three young apprentices had a sports day at Bethge AG, together with company director Brigitta Mettler, Ilija Martic (head of dyeing/textile technology trainer) and of course the Dalmatian dog Eni. It’s well known that sport brings many benefits also at work. So for our students the […]

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